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How do you create a website that integrates all sections of the organisation?

Shared Interest is an ethical investment organisation, helping disadvantaged communities to trade their way out of poverty. There are three parts to Shared Interest’s vision: Shared Interest Society for the 11,000 investors, Shared Interest Finance for farmers and handcraft producers and lastly, Shared Interest Foundation, providing practical support to businesses through training, fair finance and local support networks. The challenge for JUMP was to design and develop a website that got to the heart of Shared Interest, integrating key sections of the organisation and showing people how simple it is to make a difference to not just one life, but many.

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Getting to the heart of Shared Interest

One thing that we felt strongly about was really bringing the brand to life. We drew bespoke, hand-drawn icons that replicated natural textures as well as using a green palette to reflect the down to earth nature and promise of growth in the work that Shared Interest do. We spent a lot of time finding ways to share these stories from simple infographics, such as telling how they invested £62 million into 397 organisations in 59 countries last year, to beautiful imagery that documents their projects all over the world.

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Encouraging investment in a fairer world

Unless we could persuade people to be part of it however, this would all be for nothing. A strong focus on UX design was therefore crucial in showing the simple steps toward building a fairer world. We showed the four key things that people can do – invest, volunteer, borrow or donate. We also explained the process of opening an account, contributing to the Shared Interest pot and providing fair finance that will be continually reinvested into changing lives one by one. We brought all of this to the fore with social media integration, further serving to give Shared Interest the recognition that they deserve.

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Encouraging investment in a fairer world

"We were delighted with the website created by JUMP. They really understood our brief; delivering a beautiful, functional, and well branded website which allows us to engage with multiple audiences in various languages."

Kerrey Baker, Head of Member Engagement Shared Interest

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