Perfected3D: a rebrand for the 3D market

By Robert Brown

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Initial briefing meeting with Perfected3D

Initial briefing meeting with Perfected3D

3D printing is the action of taking 3D data and turning it into a physical object. Up until now however, problems that arise throughout this process have prevented it from reaching mass market and establishing its position as a powerhouse for companies.

This is where Perfected3D (originally RenderFab of Whispering Gibbon) comes in. They prepare, enhance and optimise 3D data for 3D printing, praised by experts as “the missing technology that has prevented 3D printing from living up to its true potential”. Offering software that allows anyone from anywhere to do this, they make it accessible and efficient enough for both big and small companies all over the world. 

The brilliant team at Perfected3D, recently featured on the Developer 100 list, came to JUMP about taking this brand to new dimensions and taking the 3D world by storm. Through one-to-one meetings, shared ideas and collaboration, we worked together for a perfect entrance onto the 3D scene...

Lucy and Danielle working with Perfected3D

Lucy and Danielle working with Perfected3D

Introducing Perfected3D

We spent a lot of time thinking about what Perfected3D has to offer. As the fundamental link between 2D and 3D, it ensures that virtual content is wired to withstand the physical world.

We went over and over its process of editing, fixing and optimising, but ultimately, its truest description is that it ensures perfect 3D models. We realised that we had a way to show its transformative power through our naming, where this idea of PERFECT + 3D becomes PERFECT3D, giving a real sense of what they do and lending itself to the logo we would go on to create.

With that same thinking, we thought about this transition from 2d to 3d, showing this through 2d dots that give the appearance of a 3d object. This offered something bold that differentiated itself within the market and showed the purpose of Perfected3D as well as the full process coming together.

The Perfected3D logo

Preparing a platform for Perfected3D

What we needed to do next was to build a platform that shows Perfected3D off to the world, as well as the simplicity of the process for the user versus the complexity of technology behind it.

It was therefore important to consider the Perfected3D process, sketching and mapping out the details, noting what it is that makes them different and the ways in which they solve the final problem of 3d printing. 

Initial sketches one
Initial sketches two

Initial sketches

The key thing was that they break down the barriers that have been preventing 3d printing, whether that is the models not being robust, not in the right format, not working at the desired scale, too expensive or inefficient. They make the data compatible, visually enhancing it making it physically ready and material printable and optimised all in your own space. The challenge was to present all this visually throughout the website, which we achieved through stimulating infographics that show the steps that they take in order to do so.

The result is a sleek platform that both explains and offers the final solution to 3D printing, which has since achieved a breakthrough in the market with businesses adopting this 3d technology into everyday life.

Perfected3D Homepage

Perfected 3D Homepage

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