Terrors of Toon: tales of the spooky city


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An image of the Terrors of Toon logo

Our specifically designed Terrors of Toon logo

Trick or treat?


This Halloween, as the night draws ever nigh,
We tell of tales on Quayside and down by River Tyne,
Phantoms at the theatre, spirits roaming Castle Keep,
The Vampire Rabbit perches, watching those beneath.
Have you heard these horrors? If not you sure will soon,
For within this gruesome map lay the Terrors of the Toon…


With the eeriest of holidays on the horizon, we have been working on a Halloween special for you in the JUMP studio this month.

Our latest work comes in the form of Terrors of Toon, a website citing some of the spookiest spots and stories in the inner-city and surrounding areas of Newcastle.

We love doing work for our clients, but are always on the lookout for extraordinary side projects to fire our creativity and this was a challenge we knew we would enjoy. We’re all very spirited when it comes to Halloween and we found ourselves seeking out our favourite ghoulish stories in the city centre and surrounding areas, fueled by the Vampire Rabbit that lurks just outside our office. We noticed that whilst there are some amazing ghost tours in the NE1 area, there is no place where you can view a map of the city and see these stories collected in one central place.

An image of someone using the Terrors of Toon website

Have you visited any of our spooky places in Newcastle yet?

With that in mind, we decided this was a great way for us to do something both fun and functional as well as a way to put into practice the things that we are passionate about through fusing graphic design, web development, copywriting and social media.

Another main pull towards the Terrors of Toon project was doing something centred around the city, something for people to do which can be added to and grown through public use, becoming a collection of people’s favourite eerie tales and stories.

So, enter if you dare and just remember, if you do go sightseeing some of these spooktacular places, don’t forget to take some snaps and use the hashtag #terrorsoftoon so we can see where you’ve been. Or, if you have any more stories that will leave us trembling, drop us an email at scream@terrorsoftoon.com so we can pin it on the map for all to enjoy.



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