Simply good design

By Robert Brown

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Keep the design simple and the message clear

Whether somebody is browsing a website, reading a flyer or glancing at a poster there are only a few vital second to engage them and convey the message. Whilst there may be lots of things to say about a business or service it is important to be concise with the message and clear with the delivery.

Any fool can make things complicated, but it requires a genius to make things simple. E.F. Schumacher

Whilst we don't claim to be geniuses, as designers it is our job to ensure a design achieves its full potential and captures the attention and imagination of the target audience.

Here are a few principles that designers use to make sure the right message comes across.

Less is indeed more

It is surprising how often designers are given an A4 page of text to fit into a space half that size. Unless the content is for a book, it is important to cut down the word count to what really matters. Summarise the message into a couple of sentences.

Imagine an advert or poster as a road sign. A passing driver will only have a few seconds to take in the information and make a decision, sometimes only giving it a quick glance.

Think about what items of information need to be conveyed and use them in order of importance. Creating a hierarchy that hooks the audience and entices them to find out more.

We live in an increasingly visual world where brands are crying out for attention. This means it is important to stand out with as much impact over the competition as possible.

Simply Good Design

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