The Great Festive Bake Exhibition

By Adrián Martin

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The Great Festive Bake Exhibition Logo

“Hey, I have an idea that could get us some free pasties! Who’s in?”

That’s all it took from Jonathan (one of the developers at JUMP) to convince the whole team to get involved in this crazy project.


At JUMP we all love a Greggs. In fact, it is the love of their Festive Bake that led one of our developers to check if the domain was available, and guess what, it was!

So we bought the domain, now we just needed to work out what to do with it. So there we were, in our meeting room brainstorming about pasties, while eating pasties, the perfect combination!

We had 3 clear goals:

  • Create a fun project
  • Raise JUMP’s profile and connect with our favourite local brand, Greggs
  • Get free pasties


At JUMP we believe that having fun leads to innovative and creative solutions.

It was important to us that the project was going to work as a way for us to develop our creative skills while having fun. A break from our work routine that would allow us to grow as professionals while creating something the whole team would be proud of.

We had the domain, and that was it, we just needed to think about everything else.
A couple different ideas were brought to the table, but the one we all loved (and which was achievable considering the extremely tight time frame) was:

To create an online and physical art exhibition in collaboration with local artists, taking the Festive Bake as a source of inspiration. Then produce Christmas cards to sell and donate the money to charity.

Seemed like a lot to take on, but we were determined and fueled by pasties!

The Great Festive Bake Exhibition Logo

We came up with a name and created a brand which is an abstraction of the Greggs logo:

A range of Artworks for the exhibition

Then created some lovely artworks for the exhibition:

And contacted some local artist, designers and illustrators, who created some great pieces, from hand-painted works, political pastiches and playful treatments of the theme:

An range of bespoke Artwork pieces for the exhibition

We featured the works online via a website that we created bespoke for the exhibition:

The Great Festive Bake Exhibition being displayed on a screen
The Great Festive Bake Exhibition being displayed on a mobile

We turned the artwork into Christmas cards...

The Great Festive Bake Exhibition cards on display

Then we put together a physical exhibition

Person looking at The Great Festive Bake Exhibition artwork.

and a flippin’ awesome launch party!

Launch party, people drinking and laughing

We sold Christmas cards and artworks, with all proceeds donated to The Greggs Foundation.


What happened next was not something we could have ever planned, things went a bit crazy…

Social media took off…

Range of images showing social media posts

The press wrote about it...

Logos of different companies who shared project

The radio spoke about it...

Radio channels who spoke about The Great Festive Bake Exhibition being displayed on a screen

And we were on the TV!

Greggs also loved the project and came down to visit the exhibition.

The Great Festive Bake Exhibition artwork being viewed

And then we met Roger Whiteside, the CEO.

Members of JUMP with Roger Whiteside CEO of Greggs

But most importantly, it was a really fun and collaborative project. We got free pasties and the whole team came together to create something fresh and original. We met some amazing local artists and designers and now we are plotting our next adventure! Stayed tuned!

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