Where do ideas come from?

By Robert Brown

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A photo of the Northern Design Festival booklet

JUMP sponsor Northern Design Festival

We have been given the fantastic opportunity to create an identity for the Northern Design Festival, which will take place from the 7-16th October. The basis of our idea came from considering exactly this: ‘where do ideas come from?’ We thought long and hard about this in our meetings; some said their ideas came to them in the shower whilst some said in their dreams, but eventually there was one overall consensus. We agreed that though there are lots of ways this can happen, our ideas ultimately come through unique experiences that are personal to us. With this in mind, we used Design Festival’s renowned colours and set about getting ‘unique experiences’ to shine through our work. Using the lines that mirror the beginnings of a design, we created something reminiscent of the places we go to and the paths we take to land at the arrival of an idea. Some take a short road, others take a complex one and many will hit a dead end – but eventually, you’ll arrive at something worthwhile. That’s what we wanted to get across in this project.

What's on

At Northern Design Festival, you’ll be sure to find yourself in the midst of something worthwhile - especially given where it's being hosted. Using grand venues like The Assembly House, Cooper Studios and Wylam Brewery to boast some of the best work around, they will be honouring those moments where magic is created. Where better to celebrate design than in buildings that still hold 18th Century plasterwork within? Where better to celebrate design than in a place that has gone from being a horse and carriage repository to a motor mart over time? What they represent is vision, and are exactly what is needed to backdrop something like this. These settings are not to overshadow the whole host of events, exhibitions, talks and workshops however, which are set to spark our creativity all over again. The week will kick off with the Design NOW symposium, which will bring the UK's leading talent to centre stage in order to discuss their work and practices. You can expect to hear from Assemble, Noma Bar, Angus Hyland, Deadgood and PATTERNITY. The rest of the week will see designers from many different walks who specialise in the likes of furniture, lighting, surface design, ceramics, product design and architecture. There really is something for everyone, and this will be a great chance for northern designers to show off what they can do. Likewise, aspiring designers everywhere will find something to spur them on.

From concept to design

Here at JUMP, we have been granted the pleasure of supporting the ‘where do ideas come from?’ exhibition. As we so often stress, we believe nothing is more important than the seed of an idea when it comes to creating bespoke work. This exhibition involves leading graphic designers and image makers who will demonstrate how their work progressed from the initial concept right through to the finished product. It will include work from A Practice for Everyday Life, Alan Kitching, Angus Hyland, Bibliotheque, Bryan Edmondson, Build, Chrissie Macdonald, LucienneRoberts+, Noma Bar and Vaughan Oliver. It will take place at the Assembly House and tickets will cost £2.50; on display for the whole ten days, you’ll have plenty of chances to get involved.

If you would like to find out more about the wonderful things that the Northern Design Festival has in store, just head over to www.ndesignfest.co.uk for more information.

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